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Slim LightBars from SCHOTT Fibre Optics

The sophisticated lighting inherent to glass fibre optics accentuates facets, adds sparkle and contrast and virtually eliminates shadows with an even flood of light. The Slim LightBar from SCHOTT Fibre Optics is ideal for display applications in retail counters and museum showcases, allowing objects to be seen to their very best advantage.

The LightBar measures just 20mm in diameter making it unobtrusive and suitable especially when space is limited. Fitted either vertically or horizontally, the LightBar is easy to install either retrospectively or during manufacture.

Available in a range of lengths, the LightBar produces small points of light in a single row using high quality glass optical fibres to produce bright, subtle and even illumination. Designers are able to vary the light level, colour temperature and colour rendering for special effects and conditions, through a range of lamp types.

Several Lightbars can be illuminated when coupled with a SCHOTT SpectraFlex harness and a single SCHOTT SpectraNova light source. The light source is sited remotely, with no electric current within the display case, so maintenance tasks such as lamp changing or cleaning do not require the opening of the case or disturbance of the display.

Slim LightBars are particularly suitable for use with delicate items as low UV light is emitted with suitable filters and no heat is generated. These factors are critical in the choice of lighting for valuables that may fade or degrade under UV light or with the presence of heat.

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