Stylish biomass boilers for the home

Leading Austrian biomass heating system manufacturer, Windhager has some excellent wood pellet boiler options for low energy homes.

With an appealing design that harmonises with most interiors, FireWIN will sit elegantly in any living space or room to provide central heating and hot water for the entire house.  It comes in four different colours of black, cream, blue or red to suit different interior styles.

If there is a preference for locating the boiler in a utility area, then Windhager’s VarioWIN is the answer. Available in two colour options, VarioWIN has an ouput range of 1kW to 12kW, the lower ouput designed for really low energy houses and passive houses.

FireWIN has an output of 3.8kW to 12kW, more than sufficient for most homes. Both FireWIN and VarioWIN come in three model variants. The Exklusiv and Premium models have fully automatic pellet loading, the Exklusiv also having fully automatic ash compression, with the Klassik version designed for manual pellet loading.

MCS approved, FireWIN and VarioWIN qualify for various grants available throughout the UK and using a carbon neutral fuel allows installations to meet Code Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes without having to improve any other building fabric. They are also certified for financial support through the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI). FireWIN also has smokeless exemption certificate so can be installed in smoke free zones.

The very compact design of VarioWIN allows all the pumps, mixing valves and safety equipment to be integrated inside, so taking much less space. FireWIN can be specified in this way too. As well as the different model variants available, the option of weather compensation controls and different types of wood pellet hoppers can also be specified for both VarioWIN and FireWIN.
Both wood pellet boilers can be integrated with solar thermal systems and other heat sources including existing heating systems where required.

All the biomass boilers in Windhager’s portfolio achieve efficiencies of over 92%.  Other popular boilers in the range are BioWIN Plus, a wood pellet boiler with output up to 180kW, and LogWIN, a split log boiler with output up to 50kW.
Windhager will be launching new products in both the lower output and higher output ranges of biomass boilers throughout 2011 with the new MES plus control system.

With proven technology, Windhager is able to offer impressive five year warranties on their appliances.

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