Styccobond adhesive takes charge at electronics factory

Flooring contractors F.C. Kelleher have successfully completed the installation of new static dissipative floorcoverings at the premises of one of the UK’s leading electronics manufacturers with the help of F. Ball’s Styccobond F57 - “the best conductive adhesive on the market”.

The location was Whiteley Electronics Ltd in Cosham, Portsmouth, and Kelleher’s contract - for six small ECD areas, one large ESD area, corridors and communal areas totalling some 1,000 m² - formed part of an extensive refurbishment scheme.

Before the new floorcovering could be installed, the old had to be removed and this revealed a subfloor in a very poor condition. Mechanical scabbling was required together with many incidental repair jobs like restoring expansion joints before screeding could take place. This involved the application of F. Ball’s Stopgap P131 neoprene primer followed by Stopgap 200 acrylic self-smoothing underlayment in thicknesses from 5 - 10 mm.

Tony Kelleher, son of the founder of the Havant-based company, selected Stopgap 200 because of the super smooth, flat surface it produces. “An altogether better finish,” he says.

Polyflor 2000 SD heavy contract flexible vinyl sheet with static dissipative properties for the control of electrostatic discharge was then installed using Styccobond F57, a fibre-filled conductive acrylic adhesive. Specifically designed for securing Vinyl/PVC conductive and anti-static floorcoverings, Styccobond F57 offers excellent working characteristics such as a high bond strength, strong initial tack and a long open time.

The contract was completed over a six month period in what Tony describes as very difficult conditions. “We only had access to small areas at a time and there were always all sorts of other things going on. We had anything from one to five operatives working on the job at any one time.”

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