Student accomodation utilises steel

Cowley Bridge Road, a 219-bedroom student accommodation building in Exeter, has recently utilised the durability and longevity of Catnic’s timber frame steel lintels.

The Opal Property Group accommodation, which was built on a brownfield site adjacent to the West of England mainline railway, consists of four three/four storey blocks.  The specification required lintels, which could be used with the timber frame construction and, for this, Catnic’s timber frame lintels provided the perfect solution.

The lintels were specified by APG Architecture and installed by the Ocon Group.  In total, over 250 of Catnic’s timber frame lintels were specified to provide support to the external brickwork over the accommodation’s window openings.

Catnic’s timber frame range consist of single and double elements lintels with a sloping outer face and Duplex corrosion protection.  Together, this creates a built-in Damp Proof Course to prevent moisture from passing through into interior spaces in addition to ensuring optimum durability and longevity. 

Catnic lintels are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel.  For the unique Duplex corrosion protection, a coating of thermal setting polyester powder is applied by an electrostatic process.  High temperature curing then produces a tough durable surface to enable the product to be highly resistant to impact, abrasion and damage; this enables ease of on-site handling.

Charly Potter of APG Architecture commented, “This was a design and build project and, in terms of the lintel, the main requirement was that the specified product would work with a timber frame building, which required the product to allow for vertical differential movement of the frame.”

All of Catnic’s timber frame models are supplied with restraint clips, which should be used at the building stage along with a batten to prevent lateral deflection, also known as twisting.  In addition, the restraint clips allows for vertical differential movement of the timber frame, which met APG’s key requirement.

Charly continued, “We are extremely pleased with Catnic’s product and service.  The project was on a tight schedule and Catnic were able to meet this need.”     

All of Catnic’s lintels have gained the approval of the regulatory authorities both in the domestic and international market assuring designers, specifiers and builders the high quality of the product.  With this, they are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 845-2:2003 and are certified by the British Board of Agrément.  

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