For an unprecedented eighth consecutive year, ARDEX UK have been named winners of the Contract Flooring Journal/Contract Flooring Association award for Smoothing Compound of the Year with their ARDITEX range. These awards are exclusively based on the votes of flooring professionals who use the products on a daily basis, making them the most sought after awards in the flooring industry. At a prestigious luncheon at Coombe Abbey near Coventry, Hamish MacGregor, president of the CFA, presented the award to Lee Kidd, Sales and Marketing Director of ARDEX UK.

Through on-going dialogue with their partners in the trade, ARDEX develop products that meet stringent marketplace demands on cost and time limitations with guaranteed reliability and superior performance, supported by industry leading customer support. ARDITEX was the first ARDEX product developed exclusively for the UK flooring market and has been manufactured in the UK for over 35 years. In this time, ARDITEX and ARDITEX RS have established themselves as the market leaders in latex levelling compounds, with thousands of tonnes of ARDITEX and ARDITEX RS applied each year.

ARDITEX universal latex-based sub-floor smoothing compound is used for the preparation of cement/sand and concrete screeds, metal, quarry tiles, asphalt flooring (grade 1), granolithic and terrazzo floors prior to applying floorcoverings. The cost effective way to smooth rigid absorbent substrates, ARDITEX RS is a partially self-smoothing latex for concrete or cement/sand screeds. Both ARDITEX and ARDITEX RS can be used under a damp proof membrane, such as ARDEX DPM.

ARDITEX and ARDITEX RS are favoured by flooring professionals for unmatched levels of versatility, ease of use and cost effectiveness. They have been created to work in conjunction with ARDEX floorcovering adhesives, damp proof membranes, screeds and repair mortars, as part of the SYSTEMARDEX commercial flooring solution.

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