StormBrixx Success

Since the launch of the ACO StormBrixx geocellular stormwater management system in 2012, this innovative product has experienced great success. In October 2012, its clever design was affirmed as it won the prestigious British Construction Industry (BCI) Awards for Product Design Innovation. Since then it has been recognised by the Construction Products Association in their Innovation & Achievement Publication and been shortlisted in the Product of the Year category of the sustain’ Magazine Awards 2013. 

The unique, patented StormBrixx system has proved a hit for merchants, contractors and engineers alike. Its stackable design dramatically reduces storage requirements and transportation costs, making the product easy to stock and handle onsite as well as providing an environmentally friendly option with reduced carbon footprint.

ACO StormBrixx uses patented cell brickbonding and crossbonding to offer unrivalled strength and stability for the most demanding applications while minimising installation time. The flexible configuration of the system also makes it adaptable to site requirements and minimises the excavation and backfill required. Independent testing has further given assurance of structural integrity and longevity for the system.

One of the biggest benefits of the StormBrixx system, however, is its ability to be integrated as part of a sustainable urban drainage scheme (SuDS) in all construction environments. Its open cell structure enables full 3D access for CCTV and jetting equipment ensuring easy ongoing maintenance: a vital requirement to meet the primary adoption needs of Local Authorities.

StormBrixx has now been successfully used on a large number of sites for attenuation or infiltration including:

•             Hatfield Retail Park where it is used in the car park as an infiltration system to relieve flooding problems.
•             Didcot Parkway Station as part of the station upgrade where it acts as an attenuation system in the car park. 
•            Telford Southwater Park where it forms an attenuation system as part of a SuDS installation.

John Perry, Construction Director at Graybuild Limited commented, “ACO StormBrixx offered great benefits at our installation on a retail car park in Hatfield. On a site with limited storage space, its stackable design enabled us to store all the required product close to the installation thus saving both time and cost. The unique brick cross bonding feature made it easy to install and also gave much greater structural stability to the system, giving greater assurance all round”.

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