Stopgap F77 and F78 are now available in smaller, handy pack sizes

F. Ball and Co. Ltd., the UK’s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and subfloor preparation products, has introduced new, convenient smaller pack sizes for its Stopgap F77 and Stopgap F78 waterproof surface membranes. Designed to minimise product wastage and increase efficiency, the 3kg Stopgap F77 pack and 6kg Stopgap F78 pack are ideal for controlling subfloor moisture in smaller areas.

Stopgap F77 is the ultimate single-coat moisture protection system, a waterproof surface membrane that offers maximum protection against damp and excess moisture in subfloors. The single-coat system is effective up to relative humidity levels as high as 98% and is suitable for any flooring installation, including application over underfloor heating systems. Pigmented metallic black to aid coverage uniformity, the new epoxy resin product has a working time of 30 minutes and cures in approximately three hours, without the need for accelerants. Stopgap F77 is now available in 3kg, 7kg and 14kg containers.

Stopgap F78 is the speedy moisture protection alternative, F. Ball's first water-based moisture management system. It offers a high performance, eco-conscious alternative to epoxy-resin systems and impedes the passage of residual construction moisture up to relative humidity levels of 95% in almost any flooring installation. Once applied, the first coat takes approximately 15-20 minutes to cure, and then a further 30 minutes for the second coat to cure, resulting in a barrier against moisture, achieved in less than two hours. Stopgap F78 is now available in 6kg, 12kg and 18kg containers, which can be resealed between jobs and stored for future use.

Stopgap F78 is part of F. Ball's Fast Track Solutions system of products, which also includes the rapid set, rapid dry smoothing underlayment, Stopgap Fast-Track 30, and new fast-track vinyl floorcovering adhesive Styccobond F5. These products, combined, will allow flooring contractors to complete a vinyl floorcovering installation in as little as three hours.

Commenting on the new pack sizes, Richard Harris, Marketing Manager at F. Ball and Co. Ltd., said: “F. Ball understands that modern flooring contractors can be called upon to work in a variety of different environments and that not all projects take place on a large scale. Smaller pack sizes make it more economical for contractors to use our leading waterproof surface membranes in smaller installation areas, resulting in less wastage and reduced costs."

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