Stopgap F75 keeps the moisture out at Portsmouth Naval Base

When, prior to the installation of a new floorcovering, testing for damp showed a high moisture content in the subfloor of a 2,000m² gymnasium, Smith Brothers Marine Ltd solved the problem with the application of F. Ball Stopgap F75 Two- Coat Waterproof Surface Membrane.

Refurbishment of the 1950s-built gymnasium at HMS Nelson, Portsmouth Naval Base, involved Smith Brothers initially removing old Granwood flooring then mechanically scabbling the floor surface. F. Ball Stopgap 900 DPM-PREP floor smoothing compound, specially developed for application over damp, uneven subfloors prior to the application of the company’s waterproof surface membranes, was then trowel applied to the floor.

Designed to isolate subfloor moisture where relative humidity values are above 92%, Stopgap F75 is a two-part epoxy resin system which cures to provide a waterproof surface membrane. Smith Brothers applied two coats, the second at right angles to the first. Stopgap P131 Neoprene Primer was then applied followed by the application of the pump applied Stopgap 300 HD, a fast drying, self-levelling smoothing underlayment.

“The Stopgap 300 really worked a treat,” says Smith Brothers Senior Contracts Manager, Pete McIntyre. “Everybody was very impressed with the smooth, flat surface it provided. Gerflor Taraflex Sports M Plus was then laid with all joints hot seamed, Smith Brothers completing the contract by re-marking out all the courts.

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