Stopgap 700 FLEX for scout hut floor

Installing vinyl tiles on a suspended wooden floor was made possible by the use of plywood and F. Ball Stopgap 700 FLEX floor smoothing underlayment. The location, a Scout Hut in the Consall Valley, Staffordshire, where the existing wooden floor was firstly overpinned with flooring grade plywood before Stopgap 700 was applied.

Specifically designed for use over plywood subfloors, Stopgap 700 has fibre reinforcement that maintains the integrity of the underlayment should the plywood move over time. It can be applied in thicknesses between 2 - 10 mm and its ultra-fast drying technology allows new floorcoverings to be installed in as little as 2 - 3 hours.

Vinyl tiles were then installed using F. Ball Styccobond F46 Pressure Sensitive acrylic flooring adhesive that dries to a permanent tacky film.

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