Stonearth Sensu Bamboo Vanity - Eco friendly bathroom product

The Sensu bamboo bathroom range from Stonearth is made from natural bamboo, one of the most renewable resources known.   Consumers can now add exotic flair with a remarkable new bamboo bathroom without harming their “eco conscience”.   Featuring all the organic warmth and natural beauty of wood, this eye-catching bathroom vanity set is naturally water resistant, surprisingly strong and can easily withstand the rigours of daily use in any bathroom. 

Stonearth designers cleverly marry the minimalist design with selected layering techniques to show off the authentic characteristic node pattern of the bamboo.  The result is one distinctively good looking sustainable package.

Due to bamboo’s extensive root system that continually sends up new shoots to replenish itself, it is renewable without the need to replant.  Bamboo is strictly speaking a form of grass; it has a sturdy, hollow stem that grows to a harvestable height between 3 – 6 years.   It is hard to believe that this versatile material is 3 times harder than some of the best known hardwood around and yet it grows up to 15 times faster.  Bamboo is one the fastest growing plant on the planet and can grow up to a meter a day!

Stonearth uses the highest quality of 100% renewable Moso bamboo that is grown without fertilisers, pesticides or irrigation.  We do not use artificial dyes or stains and no dying process means it’s safer for you and the environment. The beautiful honey colour is ‘steamed’ to perfection, as the natural sugar in the bamboo is literally caramelised during the heating process.  The colour is thus permanent and will not wash off. 

The manufacturing process is energy efficient unlike the typical ceramic sanitary ware that requires up to 16 hours of baking in a 1200̊C plus gas kiln.

Bamboo has long been used very extensively in Asia to produce everything from cooking utensils, to musical instruments, to scaffolding.   Due to bamboo’s eco-friendly properties and advancement in manufacturing techniques, this natural material has gained increased popularity in recent years all over the world; notably in hardwearing flooring, and in designer accessories for the home.  Stonearth is at the forefront of design innovation bringing this much loved material into the bathroom scene. This nature-loving design-led bathroom company is passionate about sourcing alternative materials. With an inherent water-resistant property, Bamboo represents the promise of a sustainable and ecologically responsible alternative to the bathroom material today.

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