STOMIX Pushes Ahead to Develop Foreign Commerce

The first six months of foreign trading in countries without permanent representation have been marked by an increased acquisition activity. The turnover in export and on foreign companies reached CZK 56 million which represents a balanced result in comparison with last year. The Company has turned to commercially interesting regions such as Bashkiria in former USSR, however, it does not lose sight of its business in the prosperous Slovakian market or in Romania.

The first quarter in Russian STOMIX Orel started by the expansion of the local production capacity and an active participation in the revitalisation process run by the state authorities. The adapted production line is used for supplying the region while using some of the local resources, and also for producing two new items for the product portfolio. The first on is a universal cement for the company´s new insulation system stomixTHERM® PRIMA and also facade rendering with grain size of 2 and 2.5 mm. „We develop the Russian market systematically while bearing in mind that the cooperation with local authorities is key. STOMIX Orel is a strategic point of immense importance to our logistic and communication with other regions such as Bashkiria, where we have successfully linked with the state subsidy program,“ said Mr. Minář, CEO of STOMIX, spol. s.r.o.

Bashkiria is a relatively new region to Czech businessmen. The former minister of finance Eduard Janota lead a state delegation to the republic for the first time in April 2010 and the trip involved members of top management of STOMIX, spol. s.r.o. „We have already found a contractual partner who is one of the suppliers to the local Ministry of Council Housing. The state program will last until 2010 and it has allocated finance for distinct support of property owners who should bear cost of only 5 per cent of total the investment to revitalization process. Last year, the government subsidised the programme with 4 billion roubles. Our insulation systems were assessed as in accordance with all technical kriteria and therefore appointed as one out of three officially recommended systems. We were second in sales volume,“ clarifies Mr. Minář.

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