Stiebel Eltron launches pioneering postcode software package

Green energy company Stiebel Eltron is launching a pioneering software package for installers.


The Navigator system is a highly innovative computer software programme, created to help tradesmen design and install green energy systems quickly and accurately. This includes ground source and air source heat pumps, solar thermal and heat recovery products, all of which can work together in a system approach.


The new package includes historical weather data unique to every postcode in the UK – 1.8million in total – allowing installers to take previous climate conditions into consideration when installing renewable energy systems.


Managing director Mark McManus said: “When designing a heat pump system we need to understand the history of an area’s climate to get the maximum output. A heat pump in Scotland will perform differently to one on the Isle of Wight due to contrasting weather. This software allows us to analyse each property’s exact postcode – there are 1.8million in the programme – to decide on the best system to install.


“Our research and development team in Germany has developed this unique piece of software, which gives our installers the best possible solutions for renewable energy installations. We launched the original Navigator system last year, which was very successful; however it could only estimate region by region so this new piece of kit really is pioneering.”


Mr McManus added that all of Stiebel Eltron’s UK installer partners will receive the software free of charge.


“This is a hugely advanced package,” he said. “It is simple, easy and efficient to use. All the installer has to do is enter the key details of the property including its age, size and number of occupants. From this data the package will interrogate more than 42,000 different options before detailing a set of architect standard recommendations and drawings. From this the installer knows exactly how best to fit the equipment.

“This is the second generation of this software and we have taken feedback from our clients to improve the system even further. It includes all new products and now has a professional section giving the installer even further scope.”


Mr McManus said installers usually have to acquire plans of the building, calculate heat loss and size of the building themselves and then work out which products are best suited to the property. This process can take up to four days, depending on the knowledge of the installer, whereas the software calculates this information in just 5 minutes.

Mr McManus said the software is worth thousands of pounds however Stiebel Eltron is giving it away free as part of its five star installer package.

“The heat pump navigator takes the pain out of the process and can help installers save money and time. We know it is hard for installers to win business in the current climate,” he said. “But by partnering with Stiebel Eltron installers will receive support, investment and the best technology on the market to help them grow their business.”

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