Stiebel Eltron launches nationwide ‘off- gas’ advice service

A leading global renewable energy specialist is launching a new free UK wide green energy advice service aimed at communities living and working in off gas grid properties.

Stiebel Eltron is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of renewable energy heat pumps and solar panels. Its UK Managing Director, Merseyside based, Mark McManus said it is launching a ‘one stop shop’ advice service for off-gas communities to help guide property owners through the complex, but financially rewarding, process of going green.  He said the service would give guidance on a range of issues related to installing renewable energy heating products in domestic, private and public buildings in off gas areas, reliant on expensive oil, coal or imported gas based heating systems. The service includes undertaking a survey of premises anywhere in the UK, no matter how remote, and producing a report for free. This report will examine the heat loss and energy demands of the building and detail a set of recommendations.  The service can also advise on complying with legislation, applying for ‘green’ incentive schemes, and taking advantage of tax breaks.

Mr McManus said there are now significant Government incentive schemes to help meet the costs of going green. But he emphasised the schemes may be cut over the next few years and now is the time to apply for them.

“Two schemes in particular need highlighting,” he said. “First the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which the Government has confirmed will be introduced from June 2011. The RHI is perfect for off gas communities and is expected to lead to a rapid increase in the number of homes and buildings heated by woodfuel, biogas, solar thermal, heat pumps and waste-to energy technologies instead of oil fired, imported gas or coal boiler. In essence you earn a fixed income for every kilowatt hour of heat you produce. This is likely to be used in your own property, but if you are lucky enough to be connected to a heat network you could get an additional payment for 'exporting' surplus heat. The RHI is expected guarantee that the average household will be paid around £1,000 a year for the renewable heat they generate themselves depending on consumption for up to 20 years.

“The second scheme is the Feed in Tariff (FIT). Under the FIT from 1 April 2010 property owners who install low carbon electricity technology such as solar photovoltaic  (PV) panels, receive three financial benefits. The property owner receives a payment for all the electricity they produce, even if they use it themselves, they then receive an additional bonus payments for electricity the export into the grid and thirdly they receive a reduction on their standard electricity bill, from using the energy  produced. A typical 2.5kW well sited solar PV installation could offer a reward of up to £900 a year and save up to £140 a year on electricity bills. The reward payments are typically guaranteed for 25 years.

“Moreover solar panels are one of the most straightforward renewable power generation technologies. It can be installed quickly and planning permission is rarely required as it is permitted development.”

Mr McManus urged property owners thinking of going green to use reputable equipment and tradesmen with an established track record in the industry.

 “We know homes and offices in off gas communities can benefit enormously from going green saving money and carbon emissions,” he said. “However this is a complex area which requires specialist knowledge to properly understand which technologies to use and how to apply for grants. Our report and advice service draws on more than 25 years worth of experience working in green energy around the world. We can tell you which combination of green products are most suited to your home and what the financial case is. We can further ensure that a properly trained and qualified tradesmen fits the product to ensure it works to maximum potential – and this is often where green products fall down when they are not installed by experienced professionals.”

For further information on Stiebel Eltron’s free ‘Off-gas green energy report’ service contact Mark McManus 0151 346 2300

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