Sterling Security Shutters and SWS UK successfully combine forces to beat crime

Yorkshire based physical security product specialist distributor Sterling Security Shutters and the country’s market leading physical security product manufacturer SWS UK are showing the way to businesses to protect their property from criminals.

The Thorpe Park business estate in Leeds has been the target for several attempted thefts and vandalism but the criminals, thanks to the efforts of Sterling and SWS UK, are now facing a tougher task.

One electronic protected property on the estate was broken into twice at the rear of the building before turning to Sterling for advice.

Former TV entertainer Sammy Thomas, now Managing Director of Sterling, recounted, “After the two break-ins the owner had us install SWS UK SeceuroGuard 1000 security gates to the windows at the rear and sides of the building. Unfortunately that just prompted the criminals to come around to the front of the building and they broke in that way instead.” He continued, “We then fitted gates to the front of the building and despite further attempts to break-in none have been successful. On one attempt the criminals were caught on CCTV trying to use a paving slab to get through the security gate – but still failed!”

Philip Cooper, Marketing Manager for ‘Secured-By-Design’ licensed manufacturer SWS UK, stated, “We market our products as genuine security solutions and failed break-in attempts, like the one in Leeds, gives credence to our claims for the burglar resistance of our products.”

Colin Reoch, National Sales Manager for SWS UK, emphasized, “We believe it is essential to get the message out to property owners that they need to be alert to the importance of layered security in order to effectively protect their property; which means combining physical security products with alarms and/or CCTV. They also need to understand the important role of the specialist distributor who advises them on their security needs; which is why we give so much support to companies like Sterling, who provide an excellent and professional service.”

Last word is left to Sammy Thomas who enthusiastically proclaims, “The West Yorkshire Police Special Crime Squad were so impressed with the performance of the SWS UK products, provided by Sterling for other clients, that they have had the confidence to protect the front of their building with a SWS UK SeceuroGuard gate; which is over 6m wide and nearly 3.0m tall. I don’t think that a business or a product could get a better endorsement.”


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