The Steel Window Association has announced a new initiative under which W40 and EB24 steel windows are accredited as a “police preferred specification” by the Association of Chief Police Officers scheme for “Secured By Design”.

This police project was set up in 1989 to encourage housebuilders to incorporate effective crime prevention features in new homes and has now been extended to cover all UK buildings.

The success of the scheme means that many more specifications now demand “Secured By Design” windows and, for this reason, the Steel Window Association put forward the W40 and EB24 windows for accreditation. As a result, all manufacturing members of the SWA who have joined the “Secured By Design” scheme will, from 1st January, 2007, produce windows that meet the “Secured By Design” standards.

Commenting on the initiative, President John Chamberlain said “Within the industry we have always known that modern steel windows are the most secure available and this is now backed up by the independent “Secured By Design” accreditation scheme.

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