Stay on top with Keymer handmade tiles

In recent years, homeowners, architects and now roofing contractors have all rediscovered the unrivalled beauty of a handmade clay tile roof and how it can enhance the aesthetics of any property. With a look and effect that cannot be replicated by any other roofing product, Keymer’s handmade clay tiles offer the ideal roofing solution for properties of virtually any size, style or age.

As popular as ever in both the UK and abroad, handmade clay roof tiles are distinctive, attractive and come in a range of styles to meet industry demands. By adding Keymer tiles to their product offering, roofing contractors can offer a genuine, handmade tile which is easy to install, energy efficient and meets building regulations.

From refurbishments to extensions, repairs to new builds, the specification and application of handmade tiles could make the difference between being appointed or being overlooked for a job. By supplying and installing Keymer tiles, roofing contractors become instantly suitable for a wide range of prestigious roofing projects – from heritage and conservation sites to historically important buildings.

Despite cheaper concrete and machine-made alternatives, Keymer handmade tiles are still always in demand at projects that require the very best in building materials. In fact, if you did not useKeymeron your last project, you had to compromise.Handmade clay tiles are often seen as the ultimate accolade, and not only that, guarantee a unique roof that could be the final selling point for a contractor looking to seal a contract.

The specification process can be complicated by planning permissions, client demands and strict timeframes. However, Keymer has the solution to deliver classic aesthetics combined with a timeless style in one high quality package – helping architects and specifiers everywhere to turn their visions into reality.

‘Sustainability’ is a key part of virtually every 21st century construction project. With the need for building materials with low environmental performance, Keymer tiles provide excellent insulation for the building to reduce a building’s environmental impact and adhere to current regulations. And as Keymer tiles are made from a natural material, clay, they are a ‘low impact’ eco-friendly building material and perfect for sustainable projects.

From new builds in historical surroundings and national heritage sites to old clay roofs in need of repair or complete replacement – these projects can only retain their elegance through the use of handmade tiles. By installing a stunning Keymer tiled roof, this can lead to repeat business and 'wordofmouth’ referrals for the roofing contractor.

To ensure quality control, all Keymer tiles are manufactured under a Quality Assurance System approved by BSI British Standards and complying with EN ISO 9002, as well as with full certification under the IPPC Directive (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control).  The handmade clay tiles are also hand tested to ensure they meet the company's demanding quality levels, to ensure exceptional performance that matches their stunning aesthetic.

As all roofing contractors know, the roof is one of the most vital elements of any project and so deserves the best treatment possible. With Keymer’s handmade clay tiles, contractors can create roofs which will hold a look to be revered, with a vibrant character that simply cannot be replicated by machine made products or any other roofing system.

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