State of the art machinery helps Nu-Flame to grow

A FACTORY equipped with some of the best state of the art machinery has enabled Nu-Flame to become a market leader offering customers top quality products.

The company is already well known for it gas burner units and recent investment has enabled it to develop new products. The first of these to be launched is Nu-Flame’s range of hot boxes.

Central to the Surrey company’s future plans is the advanced computer controlled Swiss-made Bystronic Bysprint 3015 laser cutter which was bought earlier this year to go in the 17,000 sq ft factory. It was a big decision for the family owned business, which was set up in 1991, to invest around £400,000 installing the laser cutter to make the sheet steel components “Customers and suppliers that I have shown around the factory are amazed that we have machinery as advanced as this”, said computer aided designer Paul Tagg.

“Before the Bystronic we had two plasma cutters but this laser cutter is so much faster and the accuracy is second to none.” The new plant is very large, so final assembly was carried out on site and took a week and a half.

“Before delivery three of us went on a residential course for the programming and then there was intensive on-site tuition after commissioning to learn how to operate the machine. To undertake the training and get the laser installed whilst keeping production up and running was no mean feat. “The laser runs on nitrogen, so rather than buying gas in every week we bought a nitrogen generation plant and we had to have a mezzanine floor built to house this.

“The laser runs really well now and the quality of the parts it produces has opened up so many opportunities for new products that that we would not have been able to make before, such as the new Hot Box we offer.

“Because we manufacture our products in the UK it means we are in complete control of the design, manufacturing and quality control. We do not have to worry about importation and the associated supply issues. It also allows for quick adjustments if production demands it.”

All the drawing and programming for the sheet metal parts is carried out in the office. The gas fire components are arranged on the steel sheet by the computer to produce the minimum amount of waste steel and this information is available on a computer network to the Bystronic laser.

The sheets of steel are automatically loaded onto the laser cutter by a separate Byloader.

The cut parts are assembled and finished with the aid of Nu-Flame’s other machinery which includes a CNC (computer numerically controlled) Edwards Pearson press brake, a CNC RAS flexi bend swing beam folder, and a Panasonic robotic welding arm. There is also a bespoke state of the art 4,000 sq ft powder coating plant, which has a phosphate pre-treatment plant. This is much more environmentally friendly than the types of chemicals used in older degreasing facilities.

At the same time the laser cutter was installed a new purpose built testing room was built within the factory to ensure the continuing quality and safety of its burners.

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