Standing Seam CPD Seminars

CPD Seminars entitled ‘Discussing Standing Seam - 21st Century Design’ are being held at many locations around the UK. Provided by Kalzip, these forward thinking, practical seminars address the most common issues surrounding current trends and the future direction of standing seam design for the building envelope. The seminar covers technical considerations and implications regarding the impact of changes in the Building Regulations, legislation, standards, performance criteria and sustainable construction.

Intended to provoke open discussion, encourage audience participation and provide guidance about what the industry can offer, the seminar addresses all the key issues and is geared to help design teams make more informed decisions about standing seam roofing specification.

Future design opportunities demonstrating state-of-the-art technology and the latest innovations in the market are included in the presentation together with an overview of related component design covering technical detailing, product application and construction techniques.

For more details about the CPD Seminars and how to register online, please visit

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