Stair Nosings help to make a staircase safer

Specified correctly, stair nosings make a significant contribution in making a staircase safe for users. They define the nose of steps and help reduce the risk of a trip or fall. The new Quantum Flooring Solutions’ document ‘Helping to create a safe staircase - through correct stair nosing specification’ does what it says. It also links specification to regulatory documents so that stair nosing installations can meet all current good practice guidelines.

Quantum Flooring Solutions is an established British manufacturer of flooring accessory profiles. Stair nosings were introduced into the product range back in the 1980’s and since this time the company has developed extensive knowledge and experience in the design and production of these staircase essentials. The accumulated ‘know-how’ has been compiled into this latest technical document, which highlights the key features of a stair nosing, and indicates how these contribute to staircase safety. The relevance of stair nosing dimensions, colour contrast, tread slip resistance and tread cover are all explained within the document.

Building Regulations, British Standards and BRE information papers are current regulatory documents that give guidance for the application of stair nosings in buildings with public access. This Quantum Flooring Solutions paper links these important guidelines with correct stair nosing specifications, giving examples and a comprehensive list of further reading references.

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