St Matthews Estate, Brixton, London

Sharp Solar PV modules help reduce the average heating bills for the 28 social housing flats to around £75 per annum.

The solar photovoltaic (PV) array(s) installed onto the block of 28 social housing flats which make up Marchant House on St Matthews Estate are made up of a total of 24nr Sharp 165W modules supplied by solarcentury.
The modules cover a total area of 31m2 and are capable of producing a total peak DC power of 3.96kilowatts under Standard Test Conditions (STC). The arrays will provide approximately 3109 kilowatt hours of energy each year.

Installer: solarcentury
Project summary:
Date commissioned: February 2005
Forecast kWh generation/year: 3,109.00
Technology: Solar PV
Panel area (m2): 31.00
Installation Type: Flat roof
Building integrated: No
System size (kWp) 3.96
Forecast CO2 saving/year(kg): 1,336.87

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