SSQ unveils Sarria® Blue roofing slate

SSQ, one of the UK’s leading producers and suppliers of natural roofing slate, has unveiled an attractive addition to its range of ten premium-quality roofing slates: SSQ Sarria Blue roofing slate. The new slate has been fully tested and, with results showing it to be both strong and stable, comes with a 50-year guarantee.

Sarria Blue is quarried in the Orense region of western Spain, the rock cleaves well; the consistently flat surface resulting in a smooth appearance across the roof. The slate is a deep blue-black colour with a distinct blue tinge in sunlight and is attractively speckled with inert mineral inclusions.

To receive a CE marking, Sarria Blue has been tested in accordance with BS EN 12326 and fully lives up to SSQ’s high-specification, premium-quality expectations. The slate is very strong – its transverse and longitudinal strengths are 78MPa and 76MPa respectively – and, having been classified as A1 (water absorption), T1 (thermal cycling) and S1 (sulphur dioxide exposure), is also very stable.

Sarria Blue is unique in SSQ’s range in that it is intermittently flecked with visible mineral inclusions. These have been petrographically examined and are totally inert; subsequent testing resulting in the slate being awarded a T1 classification, the highest possible.

Sarria Blue is currently available in three of SSQ’s grade classifications and in two sizes: 500mm x 250mm and 400mm x 250mm.

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