SSQ’s new slate showroom

SSQ, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of roofing slate and architectural stone, is opening a showroom and wholesale facility at its base in north-west London. The showroom gives potential customers the opportunity to visit SSQ and see their extensive range of roofing slate and architectural stone and get on-the-spot, expert advice; the wholesale facility provides ‘instant access’ to SSQ’s massive stock of over one million roofing slates for those customers prepared to collect.

“Having a showroom is an obvious step in helping prospective customers choose natural slate as it provides an ideal opportunity for them to look at our complete range of products – all under one roof!” said Zoë Williams, SSQ’s Marketing Manager. “To help them, we’ve created large, outdoor display panels that replicate pitched roof surfaces: it means they’ll be able to see a ‘slatescape’ in a natural environment rather than a single slate and, all too often, in artificial light. And, of course, it also lets them talk face-to-face with our technical staff about any aspect of slate roofing no matter whether it’s about design, planning, slate selection or installation.”

Formed in 1983, SSQ has built a worldwide reputation for sourcing and marketing high-quality, natural slate products for roofing and architectural use. Much of the company’s success can be directly attributed to long-term partnerships forged with some of the world’s premier slate quarries; partnerships that now ensure a consistent and exclusive supply of some of the finest roofing slates available today. SSQ currently offers 11 different roofing slates sold under well-known brand names that include Del Carmen®, Matacouta®, Sarria® and Domiz®. All SSQ roofing slates are CE marked; classified as ‘A1-S1-T1’ – the best possible – and are available in a variety of grades and a range of sizes.

With SSQ’s name being synonymous with roofing slate, its acquisition of La Florida Quarry in Argentina in 2003 allowed it to both expand its roofing offer and add a new and exciting range of architectural stone products. La Florida Quarry is a major source of phyllite, a rock closely related to slate and one that shares slate’s essential features but surpasses its qualities. Being generally stronger and more resilient than slate, phyllite could be considered ‘super-slate’; its properties making it ideal for roofing, cladding and flooring – it’s a truly versatile natural building material. SSQ’s phyllite-based products are marketed as Riverstone® roofing slate and Riverstone® architectural stone.

Announcing the new wholesale facility, Philip Fergusson, SSQ’s Business Development Director, said, “Opening the facility for collection is a positive move, creating an excellent opportunity for our customers that can only help the industry. Cash flow is a key issue in these difficult times so, by considering our vast stock of roofing slate as their own and with same-day collection available on 90% of our products, it allows them to reduce their own stockholding and free up their cash. And it also means they’ve a greater choice of roofing slate to offer their own customers – having immediate access to everything we have in stock means they can reduce the emphasis on promoting and selling only those lines they carry. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!”

SSQ’s showroom and wholesale facility opens on Monday, 2 March 2009, and will be open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

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