SSQ launches a new Riverstone® roofing slate

SSQ has added a heavyweight version of its popular Riverstone Grey roofing slate to its flagship Ultra range. The new slate, SSQ Ultra Heavy Riverstone Grey roofing slate, comes as a direct response to requests from designers and roofing contractors for a ‘heavy’ Riverstone Grey slate for use on roofs in exposed conditions or with very low pitches.

Riverstone Grey is a popular, premium-quality roofing slate and graces many roofs on both newbuild and refurbished buildings. Although quarried in Argentina, the colour, texture and quality of Riverstone Grey have delighted designers and contractors with many of the UK’s conservation agencies approving its use as an alternative for less readily available, more expensive indigenous slate. “This really is a straightforward case of listening to our customers!” said SSQ’s marketing manager, Zoë Williams. “Offering a heavyweight version of this, one of our most popular slates, widens the opportunity for its use, broadens its appeal and benefits everyone.”

SSQ’s Ultra range represents the ‘best of the best’ and helps define the company’s high-specification, premium-quality range of slates. SSQ Ultra Heavy Riverstone Grey roofing slate has been tested in accordance with BS EN 12326 and, not surprisingly, was awarded classifications of A1, T1 and S1 in the three key performance tests. Although Riverstone Grey is renowned for its strength, the heavyweight version, at one-third thicker, will be more than a match for the tough conditions it faces.

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