Spring clean your deck

Spring-cleaning our homes is a great way of banishing the winter blues and preparing for the summer – but what about our gardens?

The experts at Richard Burbidge have come up with some handy hints on how to spring clean your deck ready for the warmer weather, plus, it gives you a great excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air!

Start by brushing your deck with a good stiff brush to remove surface dirt and debris. The winter wind, rain and snow will have caused fading and stains to appear. To remove them, wet the wood thoroughly, then, with a clean sweeping brush, apply a specialised deck cleaning product. Scrub down the deck with a stiff bristled brush, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off with water.

If your decking is looking grey and tired, either apply a rich coloured decking stain to add new life to the deck or use a decking restorer before treating it with a deep penetrating, nourishing decking oil. For best results use two coats, applying the second coating immediately after the first.

So, your deck is gleaming and its colour is restored but what about its safety? Before you plan any summer garden parties, check screws and bolts, and tighten if necessary. You should also remove any splinters or protruding shards. Don’t forget to check the sturdiness of your balustrade too – replace any missing or damaged balusters or panels and file down any splinters or rough edges.

Plants can look great on a deck, especially in spring. Pots of daffodils add some seasonal cheer but place them on bricks, as this allows air to circulate, preventing the build up of mould

Finally, don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Protect your deckboards throughout the spring and summer months by placing all furniture on rubber feet or mats.

Richard Burbidge offers a wide range of grooved deckboards, plus timber, metal and glass balustrades, in a choice of traditional and contemporary styles. Call 01691 678265 to request your copy of the new Richard Burbidge lifestyle brochure, full of inspirational ideas and new looks for your garden.

To design your deck and balustrade, log on to the Richard Burbidge website www.richardburbidge.com and try out the online planning service, DECKPLANNERÔ.

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