Speed Gates & Pedestrian Control

As with all businesses, security is a fundamental concern for any facility management within a growing organisation. However by awarding Frontier Pitts with the contract to install perimeter security protection at a Newcastle Upon Tyne site, providing complete peace of mind for the resident.

Frontier Pitts fulfilled the perimeter security requirement of the site by providing a five metre wide speed gates and pedestrian access control turnstiles. VHF Controllers and push button controls were used by the security guards to operate the gate and control access. A vehicle detector system installed in the ground, and safety photocells, ensure the gates close safely once the vehicle has passed through the gates.

Health and Safety is extremely important to Frontier Pitts. All automatic gates are fitted with safety features as standard and thoroughly tested before leaving our factory. Products are also CE marked for added assurance and quality. Bi-folding speed gates feature a variety of safety options to international standards, including electric safety edges, vehicle detection system and safety photocells; elements that are not provided as standard by most other manufacturers.

The company’s extensive portfolio’s of gates are designed to provide a high degree of security, controlling access for vehicles in a wide range of styles that complement both contemporary and traditional architectural designs. They can also be custom designed to match a site’s specific requirements.

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