Specialist acoustic installation improves historic Hannington Hall

Specialist Acoustic Installation Improves Historic Hannington Hall

We were delighted that Rockfon was chosen to provide the acoustic solution for the refurbishment of the historic Hannington Hall in Oxford.  Hannington Hall is one of the three original buildings forming St Peter’s College and the only surviving part of New Inn Hall, one of the earliest medieval halls in Oxford, dating back to at least the 14th century.  In 2018 it underwent a major refurbishment with the installation of acoustic panelling and improved lighting in the ceiling. 

Hannington Hall, named after the Victorian missionary and bishop James Hannington, seats up to 130 people and is used for special dinners and banquets. Although very attractive to look at the original architectural features, particularly the old arched featured ceiling, was a haven for reverberation (echo) and noise attenuation problems. Acoustic problems were making the hall uncomfortable for large events and no longer fit for purpose.

Intricate design and improved sound quality

Pacy & Wheatley, architectural acoustic specialists and Rockfon were appointed to improve the sound quality in the room and carry out the installation.   New curved ceiling baffles with upstands were designed and specially constructed using Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceilings with a specialist colour render. The design also called for intricate details to the perimeter to house the new LED lights.  Everything had to be designed and installed in keeping with the historic architecture.

Commenting on the project Pacy & Wheatley Director Craig Wheatley said, “Working with the main contractor, Wooldridge and Simpson, we developed and achieved a superb project that controls the noise levels within Hannington Hall. Now, diners can enjoy the rich, banquet atmosphere with the reduction of unwanted reverberation.”

Wooldridge and Simpson Project Manager Dom Stringer said, “The versatility and flexibility of Rockfon Mono Acoustic not only helped us to achieve the desired result it also offered the acoustic control necessary for a large reverberant space.  The finished look, which is very impressive, is perfect for the building and its setting.”

Design freedom and enhanced performance

Rockfon Mono Acoustic is more than just a ceiling; now with a smoother, elegant render it brings together the seamless clean lines associated with traditional plastered surfaces and also highest Class A sound absorption performance, previously nly possible with modular suspended ceiling and wall systems.

The ceiling allows for easy incorporation of lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems and offers Class A2 fire protection. The tiles are dimensionally stable at up to 100% relative humidity and can be installed in temperatures ranging from 0˚C to 40˚C, allowing for installation to take place before windows are fully sealed.

If your project calls for creative ceiling design, Rockfon are eager to use their expertise and technical knowledge to help you achieve your vision. For information on samples, specifications, advice on your project or to find your nearest area sales manager, visit www.rockfon.co.uk

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