Sound advice for heating and cooling systems

Central heating and air conditioning systems often present architects and contractors with challenges when fitting out sound studios and other sound-sensitive environments such as schools and offices. But home designers and self-builders are increasingly looking for a quiet solution and finding it with Unico System.

With its green, energy-efficiency credentials and freedom from radiators, Unico System is a favourite with those looking for the highest comfort and low life and energy costs. Another, often overlooked benefit of installing the system is that it is the quietest air movement-based comfort system in Europe.

Independent tests by AIRO (Acoustical Investigation & Research Organisation) conducted in a room fitted out as a standard apartment, showed the Unico System to be operating at a sound level of just 29dB,L at a distance of one metre from the air outlet, within the reverberation field of the room. This level is considered as ‘quiet’ for a bedroom environment and normally unnoticeable in day-to-day living. In fact, when measuring the sound levels, special correction had to be made for normal background noise as the reverberation levels resulting from the system were so low.

The Unico System has been successfully installed in recording studios, lecture theatres, meeting rooms and libraries because of its cost efficient and quiet operation. In the home, Unico System can deliver heating, cooling and ventilation in a single system with whisper-efficiency.

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