Solarlux’s versatile horizontally sliding wall

Horizontally sliding walls are individual glass panels, with frames that are thermally insulated allowing panels to be moved to a parking area. The SL60-HSW is suitable for shops, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants or any location where variable openings are required.

Solarlux Systems Ltd are a well known manufacturer of folding glass doors and have considerable experience in the design, manufacture and installation of these highly engineered doors. The SL60-HSW is a top-hung system with maximum panel sizes of 1200mm wide x 3500mm high. Espagnolettes with a 24mm throw bolt ensure the system is extremely sturdy as well as providing high security. The system can also be installed as a facetted installation .

One advantage of the top hung system is that it allows for three types of floor track, flush, floor track allowing barrier free entry, bolted when just locater bolts are used to secure the system or raised, when a barrier to the weather is important. Ball bearing runners and unique running and guide technology ensure that the panels are easy to use and are able to be ‘parked’ in special bays. As the panels are separate as many panels as required can be opened and others locked in place. The locking rods are stored in a unique space in the frame of the panel ensuring that they are always easy to access. The multi-chamber, aluminium frame is thermally insulated offering a u value as low as 1.51 W/m2K, and an entry/ exit panel can be integrated into any position in the completed installation and is fitted with either an elegant lever handle or pull handle.

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