SOLARflo is Andrews’ complete ready-to-fit solar thermal water heating solution for commercial applications. The package includes high quality evacuated tube or glazed flat plate collectors, single coil or twin coil duplex stainless steel cylinders, pump station, control unit and system expansion vessels.

Evacuated tube collectors are ideal for larger commercial water heating applications as they have a high thermal efficiency of 83%. This is due to the vacuum which insulates the collector’s absorber surface from heat loss via convection. Evacuated tubes can also fulfill different specification requirements in terms of optimising efficiency where surface area is limited. They are available in 20 or 30 tube options with gross collector areas of 2.83m2 and 4.25m2 respectively.

SOLARflo evacuated tubes are of the direct flow type, which allows the collectors to be positioned flat on a roof or vertically on a façade, offering increased installation possibilities in locations which may be unsuitable for flat plate collectors. In addition, the evacuated tubes may be rotated by +/- 25o, optimising their position relative to due South in order to gain maximum advantage from solar irradiation.

The glazed flat plate alumium tray solar collectors have a 4mm thick durable clear solar glass transparent cover and gross collector area of 2.55m2. This results in a high transmission efficiency of approximately 91%, a high absorption efficiency of around 95% and low emission loss of 5%. In common with the evacuated tube collectors and stainless steel unvented cylinders in the range, SOLARflo glazed flat plate collectors carry a 10 year guarantee.

Single solar coil cylinders are offered for use with direct-fired water heaters where the stored solar energy is used to pre-heat the cold water inlet into the heater. Twin-coil cylinders are also available where the lower coil is heated by the solar collector array and the top-coil by a commercial boiler. The single and twin-coil cylinder options offer flexibility with respect to the integration of the solar solution for differing heating system designs and configurations.

The controls for the SOLARflo system are designed so that the coil for the solar heat transfer fluid and that for the primary heat source operate in complete harmony to optimise the use of the solar energy.

The control unit will prevent the primary heat source from firing up too quickly and thereby preserve the energy saving benefit of the solar heated water.

SOLARflo can be installed with an Andrews primary heating appliance such as the MAXXflo condensing storage water heater, a continuous direct-fired condensing water heater such as the Supa-Flo, or a commercial condensing boiler such as the Paramount two from Potterton Commercial, also part of Baxi Commercial Division.

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