Solar PV Company Triples Sales in 2 Years

Solar PV specialist Becosolar is set to see sales triple to £3.5 million by the end of this year. Becosolar has just won a number of significant contracts including a large contract for social housing in Yorkshire worth £1.5 million and a project with Transition Town Totnes to install solar energy in homes across the town.

Managing director Nigel Brunton-Reed, who bought the company some four and a half years ago is delighted with the company’s progress and success, “For a long time I’ve had an interest in self sufficient energy and the potential it could bring to both homes and commercial business.  In the short time that I have owned the company, the business has changed from appealing to people with an environmental conscience to being driven by those seeking appreciable carbon reductions or to meet the new Code of Sustainable Homes”.

Trading as Becosolar, the profile of the company has changed considerably in the last few years from originally being 80% marine and industrial products, whereas today it is nearly 80% solar PV for the domestic, social housing and commercial building markets. 

As well as solar PV technology, the company also offers wind turbines from its division Cholwell Wind Energy, and to accommodate further expansion is about to open an office in Barnsley to service business in the north of England.

As a system integrator from design to assembly and installation, Becosolar is also set to benefit greatly from the government announcement this month on feed-in tariffs.  Replacing the previous grant system, the feed-in tariffs essentially pay every microgenerator for every kilowatt-hour of renewable energy they generate with an index-linked tariff, for a 25 year period.

They will be able to use any electricity generated for free, thereby saving import costs.  Additionally each surplus kilowatt-hour of electricity exported back to the grid will receive a minimum payment of 3p per kilowatt-hour.

Nigel Brunton-Reed comments again, “The rates announced by the government are higher than we anticipated and we see that this will drive the market even faster, so there will be some busy years ahead.” 

To facilitate the expansion of business Becosolar is looking to increase staff levels by 50% over the coming year to nearly 30 people.

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