Solar Letter & Petition Delivered to No. 10

Delivery: Tuesday 13th December, 1pm, 10 Downing Street, Westminster

REA Director Gaynor Hartnell and STA Chair Howard Johns (also spokesperson for the Cut Don’t Kill Campaign) will be available for Interview outside the gates of Downing Street from 12.30pm.

For more information and to arrange an interview, or to request photgraphs, please contact James Beard at:

Tel:      +44 (0)20 7981 0860
Mob:    +44 (0)7986 719729

A letter urging the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to secure the solar industry will be handed in to No. 10 by renewables trade associations, MPs and Friends of the Earth tomorrow.  The letter has been signed by over 200 prominent individuals, organisations and companies.  Friends of the Earth will be handing in a petition alongside REA, STA and Solarcentury signed by over 17,000 people urging the Government to protect solar and the UK FIT scheme.

The solar industry has seen Tariff rates cut 50%+ at 6 weeks’ notice.  However, the greater threat to the industry by far is the remaining budget.  In order to keep within the remaining budget DECC have put forward proposals which, on their own estimate, could reduce the UK solar market by 90%.  If this happens the UK solar industry will return to the size it was before FITs began, losing the 22,000 jobs created [see briefing].

The letter urges the PM and DPM to step in to secure the industry and will be published in full tomorrow with the full list of signatories.  Because the UK solar industry has been very successful at driving prices down, the costs of securing the industry are much lower than is generally appreciated.  Domestic solar power now receives the same levels of support as river hydro and less than mini-wind.  Non-domestic solar receives less support than Anaerobic Digestion. 

Despite the surge in solar installed this year, price reductions mean the solar industry can deliver a green energy revolution for less than previously envisaged when the scheme began.

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