Solar Heating with Added ‘Install-ability’

At Ecobuild on 4th March, Viridian Solar will unveil its ‘Pod’ solar heating concept.  A new product range that the company hopes will transform the way solar water heating is installed.   

Stuart Elmes, Chief Executive Officer of Viridian Solar said “We’re very excited to be announcing this product.  The main challenge with retrofit solar thermal isn’t fitting the panels on the roof – it’s the interface with the existing heating system.  The Pod changes all that.  We reckon we’ve simplified solar heating to the point where it’s as easy to install as solar PV”

The Pod is a thermal heat store, heated by either solar thermal (Pod-ST) or solar photovoltaic energy (Pod-PV).  Its 50cm x 50cm cross-section means that it will fit through any standard loft hatch and its horizontal format means that it will slide into the tightest corners.

Cold water is rapidly pre-heated on demand as it flows through the unit before entering the existing heating system, so once the Pod is connected to the solar panels all that is required is to interrupt the cold water feed to either a hot water cylinder or a combi-boiler.  Installation time, disruption to the householder and making good after are all significantly reduced.

Pod-ST includes an integrated solar controller and pump station the installer just connects the pipes and plugs in.

Pod-PV has a 3kW immersion heater, for heating with excess PV solar electricity under control of a PV switch.  It has the advantage over using the immersion in an existing cylinder that the solar isn’t in competition with the boiler and it also makes PV water heating possible in the 50% of homes that have a combi-boiler.

The Pod will be on show at Stand S2240 at Ecobuild from 4th to 6th March.  Shipments will start from 1st May 2014.

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