The Akutex Frost ceiling surface system has been introduced by Ecophon, providing a contemporary white, smooth surface with the first-rate acoustic performance associated with all Ecophon products. Available in two formats, Focus Frost Ds (concealed grid) and Focus Frost Dg (semi-concealed grid), the Focus Frost surface provides a modern, interesting and highly attractive architectural medium.

The new surface has been introduced to provide interior designers and architects with a choice of systems, each of which give endless options to enhance designs and add to the ambience of interior spaces. The cleanable surface has been designed and constructed with contractors and users in mind, featuring easy, trouble-free installation.

The Ds option has a concealed grid with symmetrical edge detail, allowing endless runs of unbroken white surface – all with excellent acoustic properties. The symmetrical edge means there is no longer a need for special offset light fitting or ventilation grills, standard components can be used. The even appearance is made possible with discreet, beveled edges on the tiles.

Sporting a unique ‘floating tile’ appearance, the Dg option provides a narrow but distinct gap between the tiles, its special edge design hiding the supporting ridge. The impression is that each tile is suspended in mid air, giving a unique appearance that enhances modern interior design. The tile is easily demountable and can be installed even in areas having small overall depth.

As with all Ecophon products, the sound absorption material is made entirely from recycled glass, making Focus Frost one of the most environmentally friendly ceiling products on the market.

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