Snoozing at work offers host of wellbeing benefits

Podtime encourages you to try their unique office relaxation pod, which allows you calm offline serenity in your otherwise non-stop working environment.

Whether you start snoozing, meditating or simply relaxing, you will have a proven boost to your day.

Extensive research shows that taking 15-20 minutes time out to either nap or simply go 'offline' has a multitude of health and wellness benefits, including:

- Increased productivity

- Reduced risk of heart disease

- Better cognitive processing and creativity

- Clearer thinking and acuity

Well known nappers such as Churchill, Da Vinci, Edison, Napoleon and JFK famously used this daily reset to their advantage. But don't take our word for it, we already have an impressive list of international multinational clients in 12 countries plus airport and university installations across the world.

Designed and built in the UK, Podtime pods will become an essential part of the modern company's wellness initiative, and for an affordable price.

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