Snog Store, King’s Road, Chelsea

Snog Pure Frozen Yoghurt on the King’s Road, Chelsea, is the latest store to open for this growing chain. The Snog store values are to be unique, innovative and evolving. Snog always advocates the best in interior design, graphic design, product design, art, music and fashion to create an exciting customer experience. Although there are generic elements to each Snog store the ceiling is always about innovation, eye-catching, entertaining lighting which is always different and fun.

Designed by Cinimod Studios the Ribbon Ceiling is made from CNC-cut mirrored panels with our Stretch Ceiling Cristal White Translucent membrane across the bottom and varies in depth and pitch. There is a “ladder” grid of individually controlled RGBW LED battens, specifically designed and fabricated, inside each ribbon, spaced at 13cm centres with 400 strips in all.

Stretch Ceilings were commissioned to supply and install 9 panels of the Cristal White Translucent membrane all of the same width and length which were fixed to the ceiling with our flexible side fixing perimeter track in order to achieve the wave affect. The Cristal White finish was used due to its light diffusing properties as the material diffuses 75% of light, combined with the use of RGBW LED’s this helped to realise the designers’ vision of creating more natural looking colours.

Stretch Ceilings Limited has over 20 years experience with both supplying and installing the Stretch Ceiling system. Our level of knowledge is unrivalled and ensures that we can assist our clients from an early stage of every ceiling or unique feature design. Our product boasts extraordinary acoustic qualities and comes with an industry leading 12 year guarantee.

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