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One of the disadvantages of using membranes in treating damp for internal walls has, in the past, been VPL – visible plaster line. However, with the introduction of a new 4mm profile Delta-PT, Delta Membrane Systems has overcome this somewhat ugly, but unavoidable, result of remedial plastering.

Measuring 1m wide and supplied in 15m rolls, this new version of Delta-PT joins the existing PT range which features stud heights up to 8mm.

Remedial work to overcome the ill effects of rising damp will often involve the injection of a chemical dpc. It will also call for the removal of plaster to a height of about 1m.

In the past the 8mm profile would then have to be coated with plaster – but this would leave a ridge between the new and old plaster levels. By having a 4mm profile, the new plaster can be applied and finished flush with the existing plaster.

When decorated, the room will look as it has always done but with the damp problems removed.

Delta-PT is watertight, and resistant to high and low temperature extremes (-30oC to +80oC). It will also stand-up to the adverse effects of acids, alkalis, oil and solvents, and is approved for use in drinking water applications.

The 4mm grooves in Delta PT serve to isolate the damp wall from the new plaster and decorative finishes, while – at the same time – allowing ventilation of the wall for permanent dampness control.

On the face of the membrane is a welded mesh which allows plasters and renders to bond efficiently to achieve dry and durable finishes. Dab-fixing of board finishes is also an option.

Delta PT 4mm is just one of a wide range of products available from Delta Membrane Systems that bring effective solutions to the many problems brought about by damp.

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