Smooth Metal Paint Storms Onto The Market

Johnstone’s has launched its own label Smooth Metal Paint that has been specifically designed to provide up to five years protection for exterior and interior metal surfaces.

Offering excellent anti-corrosive properties, whilst maintaining the highest levels of adhesion, Johnstone’s Smooth Metal Paint has been developed by experts to provide practical and high performance solutions for metal protection. Formulated to be quick and easy to apply, the product delivers outstanding anti-corrosive protection and a superior finish.

The product forms part of Johnstone’s Performance Coatings range and benefits from being a primer and top coat in one, which can be applied directly to bare, previously painted or rusted surfaces and provides a smooth, gloss finish.

The product can achieve 10.5 sq metres per litre and has a drying time of between 16-24 hours, while no specialist thinner is required – white spirit will do the job perfectly. Further to this, it is available in 200 colours thanks to the advanced Johnstone’s tinting machine.

For ultimate performance, metal paints must adhere to the substrate on which they are applied. High adhesion levels provide the best anti-rust capabilities, which will keep the substrate protected for longer.

Johnstone’s Smooth Metal Paint has undergone extensive testing to verify its exceptional adhesion attributes and anti-corrosive properties, giving up to five years extended maintenance.
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