SMARTPLY The Star Of Film And Screen

The versatility of SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT OSB3 has been used to create a ‘green screen’, for filming the hit fantasy TV show, Game of Thrones. Erected in Belfast’s Titanic Studios’ Paint Hall, the SmartPly SiteProtect screen has been used to film dramatic scenes from the programme.  

SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is a pre-finished OSB panel. Supplied fully finished on one side, it is the ideal choice for general purpose and hoarding jobs, where time and speed are of the essence. Using a SMARTPLY OSB substrate, the board is coated with a heavy-duty cross-linked polymer surface treatment. This provides a smooth, clean finish that can be directly over-painted. The convenience means that time is saved, with no need to fill, sand and prime the boards before decorating.

MEDITE SMARTPLY comments: “For projects where getting on with the job quickly is vital, SITEPROTECT offers real time and cost saving benefits. Especially where a painted finish is needed, such as for hoardings and stage sets or screens.  Where a double-sided board is needed the SITEPROTECT Plus OSB3 provides a dual-sided coated panel. The result is a cost-effective board that helps get the job done efficiently, in much less time.”

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