Smaller, lighter and faster – new pressing tools for Geberit Mapress and Mepla

Less weight, faster pressing action as well as extra comfort and power – all this and more is available with the new generation of pressing tools for Geberit Mapress and Geberit Mepla supply systems.

The new battery-operated pressing tool ACO 203 and the new mains-operated pressing tool ECO 203 from Geberit are more compact than ever before. Lighter than previous models, ECO 203 weighs just 2.8kg while the ACO 203 weighs in at 3.2kg – including the rechargeable battery. Despite the reduction in weight, the tools are 10 per cent more powerful. This speeds up the pressing process accordingly and makes them particularly ideal for carrying out work overhead. Integrated LEDs ensure that the sections being pressed are well-illuminated – a useful function when working in badly lit areas.

With easy-to-service brushless motors, the Geberit pressing tools are driven

electro-hydraulically for increased efficiency on site. The ACO 203 is equipped with modern lithium-ion battery technology, which enables up to 40% more pressing operations per battery

charge and thanks to its short charging time, no more than two rechargeable batteries are required in order to work without interruption.

Geberit Mapress is also now even easier to use on large pipes thanks to new press collars which improve handling. Lighter and more compact than previous collars, new adapter jaws can be set easily on to the pressing collars as the connection area is clearly visible. The new pressing collars are held in place by a snap mechanism, regardless of how the pipe is aligned, while their compact design means they are simple to position even in confined spaces.

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