Small footprint .... Big impression

The new Eurocondense three, which replaces the Eurocondense two, gives Potterton Commercial the edge, having the smallest footprint of any gas-fired condensing boiler on the UK market for the kW rated output.

This new generation of Eurocondense boilers is available in six outputs from 125 to 315kW and, at only 760mm wide, it will fit through a standard doorway.  Modulating between 15 to 100% of nominal output while achieving a high net efficiency of 107%, low NOX emissions (≤20mg/kWh) and low noise (54dB(A) @1 metre), this cascade boiler could be considered best in class.  These factors contribute to its high BREEAM rating and ECA listing has also been applied for.

Apart from its compact size and high performance attributes, the versatility of this boiler will appeal to system designers, plant room engineers and installers alike.  The Eurocondense three is built on a totally different platform from its predecessor, based on feedback from our customers. The heat exchanger has been turned round through 90°, achieving a taller narrower profile and to accommodating a single burner assembly, which is positioned at the front and slides out for ease of servicing.

As all connections are located on top, no access is necessary to the back or side for either installation or maintenance, so the boiler can be positioned right back against a wall and close to other appliances. This makes it easy to accommodate both in today’s smaller new build plant room and existing boiler houses. 

A smaller 200mm flue diameter can also be used which will allow for a longer run where necessary and reduce the cost of flue components. Modular header kits will also be available for ease of installation.

Another important feature of the Eurocondense three is its ability to support the same controls platform as other Baxi Commercial boilers, like  Paramount  two  as  well as compatible Low to Zero Carbon solutions, such as the AMBIflo or GEOflo heat pump.  Eurocondense three could therefore be installed as part of an ‘LZC ready’ heating and hot water system.

Eurocondense three has been designed to comply with all current legislation and Building Regulations, including recommendations for the new Part L2, which comes in to force in October 2010.

And, for ultimate peace of mind, Eurocondense three is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee that applies to the entire family of Potterton Commercial boilers.

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