Slotting in perfectly

ACO launches new discreet domestic channel drain ACO HexDrain Brickslot® is a new, discreet slot channel drainage system from specialists ACO Technologies. Designed to meet the challenge of blending drainage runs within aesthetically sensitive areas in virtually all domestic applications - block paved or landscaped - the system has a visible inlet that is just 10mm wide when installed.

The near invisible finish is the result of the two-part channel structure allowing paving blocks, paviours and flagstones to be laid right up to the intake slot. This feature completely removes any unsightly gaps and offsets that may have occurred during installation.

The main channel has an internal bore of 100mm and lies 60mm below the finished surface. Its internal profile is designed to promote self-cleaning, using rainwater to naturally flush out any trapped debris. The grating, which is closed except for the narrow slot inlet, sits within the channel and accommodates the surrounding blockwork. The slot is offset to one side so that the drain can be installed adjacent to walls and door thresholds.

“ACO HexDrain Brickslot offers tremendous opportunities to generate additional revenues from block and paviour sales as it is designed specifically for the applications in which these are used,” says ACO Technologies’ Market Development Director, Peter Ridgway. “A single run can typically drain a catchment of up to 180m2, allowing contractors to create large apparently unbroken areas of attractive landscaped hardstanding.”

The main channel is based on ACO’s unique Hex Technology. Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene, its superior strength and rigidity is derived from a unique moulding technique that surrounds and supports the channel with interlinked hollow hexagonal sections. With a total weight below 2kg per metre the installed channel achieves a Load Class rating of A15, making it ideal for all domestic and light traffic applications.

The channel is supplied in one metre sections which can be easily cut in half using the ‘moulded-in’ cutting guides. An installation guide is clearly marked on the slot cover which is also supplied with a debris guard that prevents the ingress of sand and cement during installation.

To create long, continuous runs, sections are simply clipped together – no additional work is required. ACO HexDrain Brickslot is also supplied with a full range of accessories including sumps, end caps, access covers and connection unions.

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