Slim TORMAX Door Profile Delivers Low Heat Transfer

Subtle and inconspicuous, the new LR32THERM automatic sliding door profile from TORMAX is not only one of the slimmest frames on the market but also benefits from having an extremely low thermal transmission co-efficient (Ud value).  With a visual width of just 35mm, the aluminium profile delivers the right aesthetics to create a contemporary entrance whilst significantly contributing towards reduced internal heating costs.  Ideally suited to use in external locations, the LR32THERM profile combines with TORMAX advanced iMotion sliding door drives to create sustainable yet reliable, low maintenance entrance solutions.


With 60-year reputation for delivering quality entrance solutions worldwide, the TORMAX product design team developed the LR32THERM at the headquarters in Switzerland in response to market demands.  Filling a niche, this visually lightweight profile meets both the sustainable demands of the architect, as well as the aesthetic expectations. 


The outstanding thermal insulation properties of the LR32THERM profile have been certified by the famous Bern University of Applied Sciences.  It not only meets the standards required by ENEV2009 but also the safety standard DIN18650 and the new European equivalent EN16005.


“Product development remains a top priority for TORMAX,” comments Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX UK.  “Our Swiss-engineered solutions are second to none, allowing us to successfully combine stunning entrance solutions with exceptional reliability and life-expectancy.”

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