The increase in the number of people choosing to live in apartments and townhouses has lead to the resurgence in popularity of a patio classic – the Ledbury sliding hardwood patio door.

First introduced into the range almost 20 years ago, JELD-WEN’s Ledbury patio door has now been upgraded with Low-E glazing, which means it is now more thermally efficient than ever before. The option of performance-enhancing factory finishes, including Hi-build stains and a white painted finish, have also contributed to its popularity in ensuring a long life with low maintenance.

“Ledbury offers an attractive classic style that gives buyers a simple way to introduce light and a feeling of space into a home,” explains Tony Pell, product manager at JELD-WEN. “Many people want to make the most of their balconies, decking and garden areas and the Ledbury offers an affordable way to do this whilst maximizing space in the home. The simple, classic design of the Ledbury means it will enhance many different styles of property. The fact that it has been upgraded with modern glazing and the option of low-maintenance factory finishes, means it is now even more appealing to buyers.”

The in-line sliding doors on the Ledbury are perfect for confined areas or where space is restricted because there is no swing-in or out on the doors. This means they can be easily fitted with Juliet balconies, or used to enhanced dining, decking or garden areas, where efficient use of space is all- important.

Ledbury really is the perfect way to differentiate a home with space saving, light enhancing patio doors that add value and are attractive to buyers.

As well as its aesthetic benefits, the Ledbury has also been designed to keep the British weather at bay. The attractive door panels are supplied with 18mm gas-filled insulated glass units, which means they meet with the latest Part L requirements. The use of Low-E glass means it will reflect the heat from the sun’s rays outside – keeping the room inside cool during the Summer - and ingeniously, in Winter the special coating on the inside face of the glass means it reflects heat back into the room.

Security is a key concern for many homeowners when choosing patio doors. The Ledbury offers a number of practical security features such as a four point locking system, an anti-lift block, full height interlocks and a beadless glazing system.

Every detail has been considered in the design of the Ledbury with the option of left hand or right hand door opening and a ‘double sliding’ option, which helps maximize access to the garden or patio area and increase light and openness in the room. The continuous head and sill on the double slider also complements the design to give the same beautiful appearance as with the single slider.

For more information on the Ledbury range or for a copy of the latest catalogue contact JELD-WEN on 0845 1222 890 or visit the website

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