Skylark fully electric foldaway attic stairs are now available from Premier Loft Ladders…

Skylark electric foldaway stairs provide the beautiful aesthetics of a wooden loft ladder, with the convenience of electric operation. Therefore, it is the perfect solution for anyone planning to upgrade their current wooden loft ladder.

The Skylark benefits from two wired switches (for operation from above and below) and infrared remote control. It also features a built-in Bluetooth adapter so that you can operate the foldaway stairs with your smartphone or tablet.

The fully electric foldaway attic stairs can even be used when there is a power outage. This is due to a powerful battery backup, which allows the Skylark to open and close 15 to 20 times on battery power alone. When the power outage is over the battery recharges ready for the next time it is needed.


Skylark fully electric foldaway attic stairs are manufactured to order. As a result, your new Skylark can be manufactured to fit your exact needs. It is suitable for ceiling heights of up to 3.2m, but on special request can be made higher. Hatch box lengths start from 1200mm, with widths from between 650mm to 800mm. Also, the attic stairs benefit from a wide tread of 338mm (100mm deep).

Good to know

The beech hardwood ladder, combined with the 5mm thick steel brackets make the Skylark particularly strong and solid when in use. Also, it is manufactured to BS EN14975, with a load rating of 150kg per tread (350kg for the overall structure). Therefore ensuring safe access to your attic.

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