Sinziana Velicescu's 'A tree grows in'

Los Angeles-based photographer and filmmaker Sinziana Velicescu photographs plants in industrial environments illustrating the impact of urban architecture on nature. In her project ‘A tree grows in’ Velicescu captures trees and shrubbery growing next to diverse architectural structures: white-washed walls, towering buildings and pvc-based plastic tents. 

Velicescu’s work showcases the diversity of the designs found in natural forms which is emphasised by the starkness of the concrete landscape they grow within. Part of Velicesu’s process is walking around LA neighbourhoods and coming across the scenes she photographs spontaneously. Velicesu is drawn to green foliage trapped by urban structures which appear as though they are trying to overcome their surroundings; some of the plants are latched onto the walls, whilst other trees look majestically over the concrete topography. 

You can see more of Velicescu’s photographs on Instagram and on her website.

All image credits: Sinziana Velicescu

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