Single source solution for damp-proofing

Damp-proof solutions for even the most complex projects can be achieved easily and quickly through developments at Z-Led.

The company, a growing force in the provision of materials to prevent damp and gas ingress, maintains many common damp-proof course (dpc) failures occurs at details such corners, ends and changes in level, which cannot be formed easily from conventional dpc sheet methods.

As a result, Z-Led has developed options to watertightness reliably and with little effort, via a range of pre-formed components which minimize or even eliminate the need for site fabrication…..

Z-Led Intra-Weep AT Abutment Trays are self-supporting, with a patented integral bedweep to deliver compliance with BS8215:1991. Integral pitch marks ensure correct positioning on-site.

The Corner Catchment Set is believed to be unique in the market, providing in one product an integral bedweep and reduced visual impact of lead flashing at roof level. Available either unleaded or pre-flashed with lead or Z-Led’s innovative alternative Aluflash which avoids the need for site-fabricated leadwork, the Set can be used with roof pitches from 20-50°.

The Z-Led Preformed Damp Proof Course system reduces wastage and accelerates installation compared to traditional methods particularly in large projects with repetitive or complex dpc details. Straight runs and moulded or welded accessories can all be tailor-made to each application. Manufactured from polypropylene copolymer, the system features a non-slip textured finish for improved mortar adhesion and a bitumen jointing system to optimize connection integrity.

In refurbishments and extensions, Z-Led’s HTR Refurbishment Trays feature an integral bedweep and so removes the need for separate weepholes. The self-supporting design allows the trays to be used in cavities from 50mm upwards, and its specific 2½ brick length simplifies sequential installation. Once installed, the trays slightly project from the wall, giving a neater finish and simultaneously reducing the risk of the dpc being pointed over which can create a bridge for damp.

Kelly Phipps, Z-Led Commercial Manager, comments, “Protecting a building against damp is vital, but can be a fiddly, time-consuming process which is very dependent on the skill of the labour. Our range of pre-formed products go a long way to eliminating that dependence, speeding up the whole process, and giving the builder a single source for all his damp-proofing requirements, however complex the job.”

The DPC range is just part of Z-Led’s comprehensive range of materials to defend buildings against damp and gas penetration, and optimise fire protection. Part of the Building Product Design Group, Z-Led ( specialises in developing innovative yet practical solutions to meet changing demands in its specific markets.

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