Passivent has developed a unique product which reduces installation effort for building services, cuts energy consumption, whilst providing a ‘natural’ internal environment: Sunstract™.

The Passivent Sunstract is unique, combining natural ventilation and the company’s Sunscoop™ rooflight technology into one product suitable for medium and large commercial buildings. As a result, energy for ventilation and lighting in commercial environments is reduced. This contributes towards compliance with the new carbon emission levels required in the new Building Regulation Approved Document L which comes into force on 1st October 2010.

In essence, Sunstract applies technology from Passivent’s Airstract™ high capacity thermally insulated ‘passive stack’ ventilation terminal, with a 885mm Sunscoop™ Square Ducted rooflight. The rooflight’s diffused polycarbonate double or triple glazing captures natural daylight, reflecting it off internal mirrored louvres and down a highly reflective stack through a ventilated ceiling adaptor to the internal space below. Ventilation louvres within the roof mounted terminal allow natural convection air movement to draw the ‘used’ internal air up the stack and exhausting it into the external environment. The system works entirely using natural daylight and air movement, with minimal electrical consumption.

The Sunstract can be installed in lengths up to 10m from roof base unit to ceiling adaptor. Each unit provides a ventilation area of 0.55m2. Even the longest 10m Sunstract on an overcast day provides more light than eight 100W bulbs*, exceeding requirements for office environments!

Furthermore, the unit has an AA fire rating, enabling unrestricted use regardless of proximity to neighbouring buildings.

Georgina Park, Passivent Commercial Marketing Executive, explained, “As the Sunstract combines natural ventilation and natural daylight in one product, on-site installation costs are reduced. Under BREEAM, both natural ventilation and natural daylighting score credits particularly under the Health & Wellbeing Section as well as the Energy Section. Sunstract is a system which uses little electricity to function and has a positive impact on a building’s carbon emissions and electricity bills…..everybody wins!”

Sunstract is the latest development from Passivent, complementing the company’s range of natural ventilation, natural daylighting and solar shading solutions for commercial and public buildings. The range of natural ventilation and daylighting solutions have been developed in response to market demands, and to help the construction industry meet Building Regulations, reduce carbon emissions and achieve BREEAM ratings. Passivent is a founder member of the NatVent EC/EU-funded project co-ordinated by the Building Research Establishment to develop practical natural ventilation solutions for the commercial sector, and has also contributed to the BSRIA Guide BG2/2005 Wind Driven Natural Ventilation Systems, as well as being a member of the DCSF steering committee on natural ventilation guidance for schools, Building Bulletin 101.

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