Sill reveals new window luminaire

The WindowLighter is a new luminaire design which has emerged from a co-operation between Sill Lighting and one of Germany’s top lighting design practices. It’s a low-profile, aesthetically neutral fitting to sit discreetly on a window sill - capable of edge-to-edge lighting of the window reveal without spilling stray light either into the window or out to the sky.

The new luminaire fulfils the brief precisely.  Hidden within the WindowLighter’s corrosion resistant, diecast aluminium low-profile body are some complex LED optics which use a combination of TIR lenses, angled LED mounts and a front mounted ellipsoid lens to give a 200° radius beam – effectively lighting a complete arc, from the sill, up and over the window head to the sill on the other side.  The WindowLighter uses 9 LEDs of 18W total power and whilst normally giving white light, can also be supplied for red, green or blue monochromatic colours.

The technical design detail of the WindowLighter is impressive.  The power supply unit is integral, and twin glands are featured to allow loop-in, loop-out of the mains supply.  Not all windows on a building are the same size, commonly getting smaller as the floors rise, so a hidden screw cap covers an on-board dimming potentiometer allowing for all window reveals to be lit evenly without the need for complex control systems.  The adjustable bracket and cabling is hidden from the viewer looking out of the window whilst the glare control is such that only a subtle glow is perceived when viewed from inside the room. 

Sharing many of the features of the WindowLighter, Sill offers another luminaire the FaçadeLighter which utilises a slightly longer bracket arrangement to allow mounting on vertical surfaces for close off-set lighting of facades. 

Further information on the WindowLighter and FaçadeLighter is available from Sill Lighting on 01844 260006, email:, or by visiting the company’s website at

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