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The owner of AV Forums, the foremost online resource for home cinema and audio visual entertainment in the UK, was so impressed with the Unico System mini-duct high performance central heating and cooling system he fitted into his home cinema conversion, known as the Picture House, that he wrote about it on website.

For a year, Stuart Wright lived with no proper heating in his home cinema. During the cold winter of 2005, even a portable oil radiator, slippers, coats and blankets were insufficient. After getting some good advice on what to buy from the AV Forums, he selected the Unico system 5KW system which provides extremely quiet operation and has already proven its value with home cinemas and recording studios where this feature is critical. It was installed by Temperature Control Solutions (TCS) and the most important element was deciding where to locate the external fan unit, the ceiling ports and the control unit. The external fan has been positioned outside the front of the home cinema. Internally eight outlet ports for heated and cooled air have been positioned roughly evenly spread out in the ceiling area. The return grille is located above the seating area and the control panel on the wall. The internal 5KW electricity supply is positioned in the Picture House loft, suspended from the rafters.

From this unit a large, insulated flexible pipe weaves its way round the loft space – also suspended – and eight smaller tubes branch off to each of the eight white ceiling ports. These, like the return grille, are invisible when the lights are turned down.

Regulating the temperature is easy. The control panel shows the target temperature and the actual temperature. Up and down arrows allow the user to set the target temperature. During the winter it is set to 16 degrees to keep the room sufficiently warm and increased to 22 degrees c when the room is in use.

Stuart comments: Overall, the Unico System has been an invaluable addition to my cinema project. It is both quiet and effective and I am very happy with it.”

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