Silent killer safeguards health

Hospital managers and specifiers working on healthcare projects are frontline in the fight against infection and know only too well the difficulties encountered in halting the spread of deadly bugs such as MRSA.

Enforcing rigorous cleaning regimes, coupled with high levels of personal hygiene for patients, staff and visitors, is imperative. However, there is growing awareness that building products specified for use within healthcare environments can play their part in preventing the spread of infection.

And that’s where market-leader Marshall-Tufflex’s new Odyssey Biocide cable containment system comes in.

Odyssey Biocide is the first three compartment PVC-U cable containment system with a fully curved profile to be manufactured from a material with biocidal properties.

It is a development of Marshall-Tufflex’s hugely popular Odyssey cable containment system, a favourite with architects and designers keen to use a more aesthetically-pleasing trunking system.

Odyssey Biocide has been specifically developed to neutralise bugs such as MRSA, E-Coli and salmonella. This is achieved by the addition of a silver-based formulation to the PVC-U extrusion process. Mixing the biocide agent with the PVC-U during manufacture delivers a resilient product with an even spread of antibacterial properties throughout its whole. Should the trunking get scratched, Odyssey Biocide continues to do its job, unlike some competitor products that are coated with a biocidal finish. Once scratched, germs can penetrate the surface layer of these products and breed unchecked.

The antibacterial agent used in Odyssey Biocide in no way changes the properties, performance or appearance of the cable containment system. Indeed, because the system looks no different to its non-antibacterial stablemate Odyssey, Marshall-Tufflex is differentiating it with packaging. Odyssey Biocide is finished with a protective red film that peels easily off once installation is underway, or complete. It is also supplied in a green sleeve to further protect and identify it.

In contrast, standard Odyssey is finished with a blue protective film and supplied in a clear sleeve.

“Quite obviously there is no substitute for meticulous cleaning regimes and scrupulous personal hygiene in healthcare environments such as hospitals,” said Marshall-Tufflex Product Manager Chris Scott. “However, Odyssey Biocide is an additional weapon that can be used to great effect in the fight against superbugs and other infections.

“It is one simple, easy and cost-effective measure that can be taken to help safeguard health. It works silently, invisibly and round the clock, killing bacteria and preventing cross-infection. Hospitals that have fitted products treated with silver-based protection have reported a drop in bacteria levels of more than 90%.

“We are incredibly excited about Odyssey Biocide and the positive impact it could have in a large number of environments, for example schools, care homes, dental surgeries, medical centres and even sports centres. There may even be a good argument for specifying it into almost any public area with high footfall and/or the risk of cross-infection,” added Mr Scott.

Odyssey Biocide has achieved ISO22196:2007, which measures the performance of antibacterial-treated plastic products.

It is a welcome addition to Marshall-Tufflex’s product portfolio, given that the Sussex manufacturer already operates within the healthcare arena with its established and well-respected MT Conquest Series of bed head service units. The horizontal and vertical units are designed to accommodate gas, vacuum, nurse call, power, entertainment or lighting. They accept all popular nurse call systems, and data/gas valve outlets. MT Conquest can be designed to match the requirements of individual projects, be they new-build or refurbishment schemes for hospitals, medical or laboratory environments, clean rooms etc.

Odyssey Biocide is compatible with Marshall-Tufflex’s revolutionary MT32 power connection system, the first ‘plug and play’ compact connector system designed for rapid fit that is rated and approved to 32 amp. Patented technology enables this to be achieved by Marshall-Tufflex.

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